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Ku’oho’ka suspends rights to fight the war on terror

Ku’oho’ka (October 21,2016)–President Kay Colley is suspending Ku’oho’ka citizens’ rights indefinitely in order to fight the war on terror in a safer and more efficient way.

“In order to make “Ku’oho’ka a safe place free of terrifying acts of violence we are suspending the rights of the people temporarily so that we can stop the terrorists and defend the people,” Colley said.

If taking away rights can shorten the war on terror, then the government has a duty to the people to suspend the rights.

“It is the responsibility of the government to make hard decisions and always choose what is best for the common good of the country,” Colley said.

The government is given the right to suspend the people’s rights by the constitution if the country is engaged in a war.

“By suspending the rights that have been given to our citizens it will make the war on terror easier to fight,” Vice President Nick Acosta said.

It’s in the best interest of the country to suspend the rights because it will allow the government to defeat the terrorist that have been forcing the citizens to live in fear.

“This is long over-due. We should not have let our people live in fear this long. We need to suspend rights so Ku’oho’ka can become a safe and enjoyable paradise to live in once again,” Acosta said.

The country will regain order faster by suspending the rights of the people.

“Sometimes the unthinkable has to be done to be able to win a war as ambiguous as this one,” Head of National Security Shelby Reddington said.

Suspending the citizens’ rights will allow Ku’oho’ka to gain control and security.

“If suspending the people’s rights for a while helps win the war on terror faster and keeps our people safe then it is necessary for the greater good of the country,” Colley said.